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UpSurgeOn Team: neurosurgeons, developers, digital artists.

UpSurgeOn is the result of a process that lasted 2 years and that saw the participation of a team of young neurosurgeons from some of the main Italian and international Hospitals, thus forming a scientific network covering more than 40 countries worldwide in HICs and LMICs. The team has also grown to include software engineers and project managers that decided to invest in the creation of a new neurosurgery training model. The result is an innovative approach to advanced education and training.

UpSurgeOn Academy: Hi-tech/low-cost technologies for advanced education

UpSurgeOn Academy is the first hybrid simulation platform, integrating digital and physical tools for neurosurgery training. It includes a growing series of Apps for letting neurosurgery students study all types of procedures. It also benefits from the most realistic simulation devices like UpSim Neurosurgical Box, replicating human intracranial anatomy in morphology and consistency. The experience is extended further through the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

UpSim: A revolution in neurosurgery training

UpSim Neurosurgical Box is a modular system designed to make any neurosurgical approach reproducible and low cost. It joins physical and virtual structures to complete all the steps of a neurosurgical procedure and is designed to make training comprehensive and highly reproducible, everywhere. UpSim is part of the upcoming UpSurgeOn Academy.