The first hybrid neurosurgical simulator based on physical and augmented reality.

Discover UpSim now and speed up your mental and manual skills.



Open UpSim, remove the brain and explore the skull base neuroanatomy

Download the free UpSim Augmented Reality App and learn the steps of the extracranial approach

Put UpSim under the surgical microscope and perform the intracranial exploration of the microsurgical skull base anatomy

What can I do with UpSim?

Made by modular and disposable parts to perform a drilling anytime you want.

Before approaching a cadaver in the anatomy lab, you can explore your approach from any point of view. With the Augmented Reality App you select a craniotomy and see it projected directly onto UpSim Neurosurgical Box. In this way you can perform a drilling as many craniotomies you want and then observe intracranial deep neuroanatomy through a microscope.

The hyper realistic materials will give you the feeling of operating on a real cadaveric specimen. Then just change the disposable skull and start again by placing the craniotomy in another position. UpSim offers you the possibility to train endlessly.

In doing this, you will maximally exploit your next anatomy lab cadaver session and you will definitively understand why to choose a supraorbital rather than a minipterional approach, and so on.